Terms And Conditions

Cash payment. Please make sure to pay in exact amount, our cleaners will not be carrying an extra cash aside from their transportation and food allowance. Clients are required to sign a JOB REQUEST Form to make sure that this Company Terms and Policies are met and agreed by both parties.

It is the right of our Clients to complain when unsatisfied with the result of cleaning done. With the given situation, clients should report the complain within 24 hours through phone call, sms, messenger, viber and other means of media communications. Please expect a favourable reply within an hour. Failure to report any issue within 24 hours, we consider that clients have thankfully accepted and completely satisfied with the cleaning that has been done.

Any injury sustained by our employees during their tenure of work inside your apartment unit such as being exposed to open electric currents, exposed to dangerous items left unsecured inside your apartment, being bitten by your beloved pets or other similar incident that is the negligence of the resident. The charges will be for the account of the resident client.

To ensure that proper cleaning or proper works has been done, a ZEN-SHINE Supervisor will be there to inspect your apartment right after the cleaning or after any maintenance works has been done. In the same situation, within 24 hours after the cleaning, the customer should submit their complaints if not satisfied with the cleaning done. Our company will be back to your place the next day to rectify the problem free of charge. Failure to report any issue within 24 hours after inspection shall be considered as your complete acceptance on the cleaning that has been performed.

Client should request cancellation of scheduled cleaning 24 hours before the scheduled date. Re-scheduling of service can be done right after cancellation. Transportation expenses of cleaners shall be paid by the client whenever a service is cancelled right on the hour of the scheduled cleaning. Zen-Shine reserve the right to cancel scheduled cleaning service during emergency situations, when the cleaner is affected by the calamity, without any liability to the customer. Such emergencies are the likes of heavy storms, flooding and unprecedented happenings. Re-scheduling of service will be applied accordingly.

We reserve the right to cancel cleaning services during emergency incidents, during heavy rains and storms, and during calamities, especially where the assigned cleaner is involve, without any liability to the customer. If the customer is under the company contract, re-scheduling of work will be applied accordingly.

Injuries sustained by Zen-Shine cleaners while on duty is not the responsibility of the client. However, if the cause of accident is due to the client’s negligence, like keeping of dangerous weapons left unsecured inside the apartment, being exposed to open electric currents, being bitten by your beloved pets and other similar incident that can cause serious injuries. Charges and obligation to client will be done after the authorities’ investigation.

Any faulty work/damages happen while Zen-Shine cleaners are on duty shall be reported immediately to the management office. Depend upon the result of the investigation, if cost of the damage done is high, we will consider the cleaning service as free. Otherwise, a 10% cost will be paid on the total value of the used items (as per condition).

Zen-Shine Cleaners are well-mannered professional housekeepers. Their job is to maintain cleanliness and orderliness inside homes and offices by keeping its zen-shine quality cleanliness. While ZEN-SHINE Cleaners keep any home bright and well organize, they ease busy lives by taking care of all given household chores. Zen-Shine cleaners expect all our clients to treat them well with respect and courtesy. Zen-Shine reserve the right to blacklist unethical customers. Likewise, Zen-Shine company may terminate any employee showing discourtesy to clients.